Rocking Out for CAS! 1

The new CAS group project requirements have led many BSGE students to explore interesting ways of fulfilling the Creativity, Activity and/or Service requirement through teamwork. One such project is a rock band created by Jotham Kim ‘17 and seven other juniors. While you may not have heard of the band itself, you may have noticed signs for a Rock Band Club, which is linked to the CAS project. The club involves members of the CAS project teaching other interested students to play instruments and produce music. The eight juniors host their own practices and performances separately. More…


BSGE Fitness Room Gets a Makeover Reply

The second floor fitness room is used by most BSGE students who have gym for their physical education class. Some students even like to go to the fitness room after school and work out then as well. The room has recently been renovated, with the addition of a mirror and the rearrangement of equipment. However, there are still more changes to come.

Margaret Pasach, the parent coordinator, explained the process of renovating the room. “The PTA worked on getting money from the councilman, because the machines were in disrepair. And he came through. They’d been working on it for 2 years. They were able to bring in enough money to redo the fitness room.” The floors were repainted a bright blue, and mirrors now line the wall behind the weight racks. Some machines, however, were removed, like the equipment for lateral pulldown, and a dysfunctional machine that is supposed to work out the legs but now only serves as a rest station. Over the summer, new machines will be added, like new bicycles, since many of the current bicycles are not entirely functional. More…

BSGE Team Comes Third in Pi5 Math Competition Reply

On Saturday, May 7th, 20 students from the BSGE Middle School Math Club went to compete in the New York Pi5 Math Competition, led by Mr. Mehan. The competition is a publicly held event open to students from grades 6 through 8 in any of the 5 boroughs. This year, the competition was held at The Armory (at 168th Street) in Manhattan.

Students formed four teams of five, working together to solve math problems of varying levels of difficulty to earn points. The more difficult the questions were, the more points those questions were worth. The point values ranged from 100 to 500 points. There was a total of 45 minutes per team to answer as many questions as possible. “The quicker and more accurately you answer, the better the chance you have of advancing in the competition,” said Christie Choi ‘20, who represented BSGE at the event. More…

Model UN: A Model for the World? Reply

Model UN – a club that many have heard of, but few know anything about. Unlike most activities, there are no regular weekly meetings, no advertisements to be in a certain place at a certain time to join. But occasionally a school will hold a Model UN convention, such as the Dalton School in the Upper East Side did on April 23rd, and BSGE will be well represented.

Three juniors and five seniors, along with supervisor Ms. Meisler, attended said conference, where students from many different schools attempt to solve world issues in eight to ten hours. Each school is assigned one or more countries to represent, and for the weeks leading up to the conference, the students learn about their country’s strengths and issues so they can be accurate representatives. In this case, BSGE was assigned Australia, Belgium, and the Philippines, but due to a lack of people, the Philippines ended up being ignored. During the conference, there are many subcommittees that focus on world issues such as climate change and disease control, and each participant joins one of these subcommittees to represent their country. Hours of spirited debate ensue. Eventually, proposals are created, voted on, and announced to the rest of the conference, sometimes with awards for countries and/or schools whose representatives stand out. More…

Six Things To Do Over the Summer Rather Than Binge-Watching Shows on Netflix Reply

1) Free Summer Concerts

From May 20 to September 2, Good Morning America and the Today Show will be holding free summer concerts at least once a week. Both GMA and the Today Show will be holding their concerts every Friday, but the GMA ones will be in Central Park and the Today Show will be holding their concerts in Rockefeller Center. All concerts are open to the public, but some require you to reserve the free tickets. These concerts are a great way to boost your energy for the day and are just an inexpensive fun event to enjoy with friends and family. With performers such as Blink 182 and James Bay, you are sure to find an artist you’ll want to see. Afterwards, you could just relax in Central Park or walk around the city. For the lineup for GMA concerts, go to: For the lineup for the Today Show concerts, go to:

2) The Magnum Ice Cream Bar Shop

After going to a morning concert, you are sure to be in need of an energizing snack. The Magnum shop in Soho is definitely a tourist attraction, but that doesn’t mean it is any less of an attraction for us natives. Magnum is a company that creates ice cream bars and this shop is a place where you can customize these chocolate bars. For $7, you could get a fully customizable ice cream bar with up to three toppings. From dark chocolate chia seeds to rose petals, there is a wide variety of toppings and an infinite number of combinations. This is a great snack for a hot summer day and it is just a fun experience watching your beautiful creation come to life. For more about this ice cream shop, visit:

3) Bryant Park Film Festival

If you aren’t much of a concert-goer, then maybe you could go out for a movie instead. For the entire summer, HBO will be showing films in Bryant Park every Monday. The movies will be showing from 5:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. and are open to the public for free. Movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Omen will be showing all summer long. Grab a picnic blanket, some food, and a handful of friends and enjoy a nice movie on the lawn. This is a great way to just relax and enjoy New York City scenery and summer weather. For information about what movies will be showing, go to:

4) Alice’s Tea Cup

Speaking of movies, with the recent release of the movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice’s Tea Cup is a fun place to check out. With the original restaurant on the West Side and “Chapters” II and III on the East Side, Alice’s Tea Cup is easily accessible. The Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant makes every person revisit their childhood. Complete with Alice-themed decorations and pastries, this restaurant is perfect for fans of the books and movies. The restaurant offers amazing tea and overall is a great place to hang out and get lost in Wonderland. If you’re really feeling like a little kid, you could ask to wear one of their many fairy wings while at the restaurant—they’ll even sprinkle “fairy dust” on you! For more information about finding Wonderland, go to:

5) I Survived the Room

An adrenaline-packed activity that is great for groups of friends, I Survived the Room is an intense game that is all about testing your limits. I Survived the Room has two rooms to choose from (and one open only on Fridays). A group of friends is placed in a chosen scenario from which they have an hour to escape. You must learn to work with your friends to find clues and solve riddles to escape the room, but if you fail to do so, then game over! The whole scenario feels real, especially with actors who play special roles. It is a bit scary, but definitely worth it because it is interesting to see how your group can work together to solve a hypothetical situation. For more information about how to book a room, go to:

6) Smorgasburg

Although a bit further away from the city, Smorgasburg in WIlliamsburg is definitely worth the trip. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Smorgasburg is filled with vendors of food, vintage clothing, antiques, jewelry, and many other knick knacks that appeal to all types of people. Great weather, friendly vendors and a variety of handmade and vintage goods make this flea market a popular spot. Most of the vendors at Smorgasburg are running their own small businesses, and many love to chat with customers. Smorgasburg is also a great place to discover new foods because of all the unique twists put on everyday snacks. Concoctions like “Raindrop Cakes” and “Takumi Tacos” can all be found at Smorgasburg. For more information about the market and its vendors, go to:

Helping Hands’ Eco-Partnership Reply

Helping Hands, a fundraising organization in BSGE, has long been known for collaborating with organizations that wish to help the environment. Surprisingly, Helping Hands’ most recent eco-friendly project is with the successful makeup company L’Oréal.

L’Oréal is in the process of moving into a green building in Manhattans’ Hudson Yards, and has contacted Helping Hands to make 1500 keychains for their employees by reusing unwanted art supplies. All of the supplies are being provided through Materials for the Arts, which some BSGE students may be familiar with. More…

Teacher of the Month: Mr. Mac Reply


IMG_4112What were your favorite sports in high school? Why?

I enjoyed golf and tennis because they were individuals sports where I was competing against myself or one opponent, but I also loved playing basketball too for the team experience.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Rhode Island, which is about 40 minutes south of Boston.

Other than sports, what other interests did you have as a kid?

I truly fell in love with taxidermy. Have you ever stuffed a dead cat? It’s a passion of mine! More…

BSGE’s Night Out in Flushing Reply

For the second consecutive year, BSGE students, parents, and faculty purchased tickets to see the Mets at Citi Field on Friday, May 20th. For every $25 spent on a ticket, the school made $5. 85 members of the BSGE family sat together in a block of seats at the baseball game, and although it was a smaller turnout than last year, the school successfully raised $425. Although it was a chilly day, May 20th was an exciting game. The Milwaukee Brewers scored first, but the Mets ultimately won 3-2. Everyone in attendance also took home a free shirt from Citi Field. More…

A Run-Through of Ramadan Reply

Aside from just another Monday to get through, there’s nothing particularly special about June 6 for most people. But for Muslims, it marks the start of a month-long holiday known as Ramadan. During these 30 days, Muslims fast (go without food or drink) from the break of dawn to sunset. This year, that means fasting from around 3:45 AM to 8:30 (both shift slightly throughout the month). Thus, for those of us living in New York City, the fast lasts around 17 hours of the day.  Because the sun rises and sets at different times during the day depending on where you live, people around the world fast for different periods of time. Those in Europe, for example, fast an average of 20 hours, while those in Australia fast around 10 hours. More…

Lead in BSGE’s Pipes? Reply

After some routine water quality testing, BSGE has recently found a hint of lead in the water pipes of the school. The lead was only found in second floor pipes, and has been specifically located in the water fountain in the yoga room.

“We had some guys come and run some tests and figure out what to do from there,” said the school’s janitor, Darnell Murray Jr. Some may wonder if these tests were run as a result of the water crises in other areas like Flint, Michigan, where high levels of lead were found in the universal drinking water of the city. The lead found in Michigan was a serious health hazard. But BSGE’s test was part of a routine examination. “In our case, it only came back positive in one location [room 214].” More…

BSGE Ranks #32 Reply

5th in the state and 32nd in the nation: BSGE’s US News and World Report rankings are in. Last year, the ranking was higher in the nation, at 28th place, yet the ranking in the state stayed the same.

So what do people think of this? Some people thought that this was significant to this school, and this ranking often affects people’s decisions to stay or leave. Reid Papafloratos ‘21 believes that there may be an obvious reason for the decrease in ranking this year, saying that “A lot of the specialized schools are taking away a lot of our eighth graders, soon-to-be ninth graders.” He’s hopeful that next year the rankings will go up when the new ninth graders come in.

On the other hand, some people don’t think the ranking is necessarily a good representation of the school as a whole. Mr. Mahajan, who has been a French teacher at BSGE for many years, has seen the effect of rankings on his students’ mindsets. “It’s nice to rank high, but sometimes you attract the attention of students that may not be really committed to our mission,” says Mr. Mahajan. “If that means that we get less of that and students are staying here for high school, then maybe a lower ranking is better.”

Tim David-Lang, the school’s guidance counselor, agrees. He believes that it’s not the rankings that determine the school’s excellence. As a result, relying on rankings to decide which school is best for someone isn’t the right decision. “A lot of us suffer from what’s called confirmation bias, so what that means is that when we’re looking to make a certain conclusion, we’ll go around and cherry-pick the information that we want,” he explains.

So what do you think about this year’s rankings? Do they matter at all?

HS for Math Science & Engineering’s sixth inning charge helps upend Lady Sting, 3-0 Reply

The sixth inning proved decisive as HS for Math Science & Engineering broke a scoreless tie with a three run sixth. Those three runs were all they needed as they held on for a 3-0 in seven innings on Wednesday at Big Bush Field.

Claire Bergerson baffled Math Science & Engineering, striking out seven batters. Bergerson allowed one earned run on three hits and one walk over seven innings but still took the loss, her first of the season.

The game was a scoreless pitchers duel through five innings. Lady Sting Math Science & Engineering didn’t relinquish the lead after scoring three runs in the sixth inning when it scored on an error, a groundout by Hillary Rodriguez, and an RBI single by Taylor Faulds.

Lady Sting had its chances throughout the game, stranding two runners on base in the third and fifth innings. In the fourth inning, third baseman Jaime Carroll was thrown out at home trying to stretch a triple into a home run.

This was Lady Sting’s first loss of the season, finishing 17-1, which knocks them out of the quarter final round of the playoffs. This is the furthest any Lady Sting team has made it into the playoffs. HS for Math Science & Engineering moves on to the semifinal round and will play Scholar’s Academy.

Click here to download box score

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The Renovation of Dutch Kills Playground Reply

Running, playing, throwing, catching – Dutch Kills Playground is used daily by BSGE students for gym class. It is located next to P.S. 112 and regularly visited by children, adults, and seniors living in the community. The park has not been renovated for 20 years until now, when Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski announced on April 12, 2016 that they acquired $4.5 million in funding from Mayor DeBlasio to renovate Dutch Kills Playground.

“Our children come to this playground every day, and they deserve a modern, up-to-date park to use during recess, gym class, and with their families and neighbors on the weekends. Our parks and public spaces are an integral part of the fabric of our communities,” Van Bramer said.


Lady Sting gets 16 strikeouts from Claire Bergerson, win 8-1 over Sunset Park, move on to quarterfinals Reply

An ace performance by Claire Bergerson hoisted Lady Sting to an 8-1 win in seven innings over Sunset Park on Friday at Big Bush Park in the third round of the B Division Playoffs. (Click here to view the playoff bracket)

Bergerson racked up 16 strikeouts in the Lady Sting win. Bergerson allowed one earned run, three hits and four walks over seven innings.

The offense exploded for the Lady Sting in the fourth. In the inning Lady Sting scored five runs on an RBI single by Nina Don, an RBI single by Emily Costa, , and a two-run single by Amanda Eng.

Costa racked up two RBIs on three hits for Lady Sting Softball.

The lead stayed with Lady Sting Softball after the first, when it scored three runs on an RBI single by Bergerson and an RBI triple by Costa.

Lady Sting’s quarter final matchup is against Manhattan’s HS for Math, Science and Engineering at Big Bush Park on Wednesday June 1st at 4pm.

Click Here to Download the Box Score

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Lady Sting fight back, score 6 in their final at bat to defeat Goddard H.S., 10-9, move on to third round of playoffs Reply

With two outs and Lady Sting trailing by one, Claire Bergersoncame to the plate and doubled, plating Rakia Islam and Nina Don for the win, capping off a six run rally in the bottom of the 7th inning.

Both squads had things going at the plate, tallying 19 runs and 26 hits, including 10 extra base hits.

The bottom of the first saw Lady Sting take an early lead, 1-0. Islam started the rally for Lady Sting with a double. Emily Costa singled, bringing home Islam.

Goddard brought home two runs in the second inning, taking the lead on a solo homer by Mary Meshanski and single by Schaefer.

Lady Sting tied it up in the bottom of the second Rakia Islam’s second double of the game which plated Marika Cygert.

Goddard took the lead scoring a run in the top of the third and extending their lead with one more in the top of the fourth and two more in the top of the fifth to take a 6-2 lead.

Lady Sting responded with two runs in the fifth making it 6-4. Lady Sting Softball scored on an RBI single by Amanda Eng and an RBI double by Marika Cygert.

Goddard scored three in the top of the seventh to give them their largest lead of the game, 9-4, which proved not to be enough.

Goddard’s 9-4 lead paved the way for some late inning heroics by Lady Sting who scored two in the bottom of the seventh on a double by Amanda Eng, and scored two more on bases loaded walks to Nina Don and Emily Costa. Those put Lady Sting down by one and set up Claire Bergerson’s game winning two run double to win.

Bergerson recorded the win for Lady Sting Softball even though she allowed nine runs over seven innings. Bergerson struck out seven, walked four and gave up 12 hits.

BSGE Lady Sting, the top seed in the entire Queens B Division bracket, received a first round bye, beat Goddard HS to move on to its third round matchup on Friday at 4pm.

Download Box Score

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Lady Sting gets 10 strikeouts from Claire Bergerson in 8-1 win over Academy of American Studies, Finish Regular Season Undefeated Reply

IMG_6582Claire Bergerson hopes every outing could go as well as Thursday, as Bergerson struck out 10 batters to carry Lady Sting to an 8-1 victory over Academy of American Studies at Queensbridge Park in seven innings.

Seven runs in the opening three innings allowed Lady Sting Softball to easily put away Academy of American Studies. An RBI triple by Nina Don, an RBI single by Emily Costa, and an RBI single by Bergerson during the first inning helped Lady Sting put some runs on the board early.

Don racked up two RBIs on three hits for Lady Sting.

Lady Sting Softball tacked on another four runs in the third. Costa’s triple got things going, plating Rakia Islam and Don.

Lady Sting finishes the regular season a perfect 15-0 and Division BI champions.

Their first playoff game is schedule for Monday, 5/23.

Season statistics

Jennifer Qu led the team this year batting .743 (9th in PSAL) and led the team in stolen bases with 28.

Emily Costa batted .618 and led the team this year with 8 home runs (7th in PSAL) and 52 RBIs which led all PSAL varsity softball players in New York City.

Nina Don led the team with 37 runs scored and also hit 7 home runs and drove in 35.

Claire Bergerson batted .527, with 6 home runs, 31 RBIs, and 27 runs scored at the plate and went 13-0 on the mound with a 0.42 ERA allowing only 4 earned runs, 24 hits, and 17 walks this season against 115 strikeouts in 66.2 innings this year.

Click here to download the box score

Click here to download the regular season batting statistics

Click here to download the final regular season pitching stats

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Four BSGE Students’ Works on Display at Queens Borough Arts Festival Reply

FINAL_BAF_Flyer%20Subway%20MUSEUM%20THEATRE%20%28774x1024%29As of yesterday, May 11, 2016 the Queens Museum is exhibiting artwork by K – 12 Queens public school students, as part of the Queens Borough Arts Festival. We are proud to have four BSGE students exhibiting artwork. This is juried exhibition so not all the artwork that is submitted is chosen to be displayed.Two 10th grade students, Annika Cheng and Nadja Martinovic, each exhibited self portrait charcoal drawings, submitted for the exhibit by Mr. Sheridan. Two seniors, Rakia Islam and Isabelle Lee, exhibited assemblage artworks that made use of found objects. The opening reception that took place last night included performances by students at Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences High School, Forest Hills High School, and PS 16 The Nancy DeBenedittis School and PS 115 James J. Ambrose School. This was the second annual arts festival, in which each teacher was invited to submit two artworks each.

The exhibition is open through Sunday, May 15 at the Queens Museum, which is open from 11am – 5pm Wednesday – Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday). We hope that you can visit the exhibition. Congratulations to Annika, Nadja, Rakia, and Isabelle. (photo credits: Cecelia Cheng)

Lady Sting jumps on Long Island City HS early and coasts to 13-1 win, clinch division title Reply

Lady Sting jumped out to an early lead on Long Island City HS and captured a 13-1 victory on Tuesday at Long Island City HS.

Seven runs in the first three innings allowed Lady Sting to put the game away early.

Lady Sting piled on five runs in the top of the fifth inning highlighted by a bases loaded triple by Emily Costa.

Don boosted her batting average thanks to a perfect 4-4 day at the plato pace Lady Sting Softball.

Bergerson handled Long Island City’s lineup with ease, racking up nine strikeouts. Bergerson allowed no earned runs, three hits and no walks over five innings.

With this win, BSGE clinched the division title and remained undefeated.

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Lady Sting score early and often in 21-2 win over Academy of American Studies Reply

Lady Sting continued to pile up the runs on Monday, scoring 10 runs in the seventh inning, on the way to a 21-2 landslide win over Academy of American Studies at Queensbridge Park.

Lady Sting Softball scored 10 runs in the seventh on Lady Sting Softball scored in the seventh on an RBI single by Emily Costa, an error, a groundout by Maya Juman, an RBI single by Amanda Eng, an RBI single by Angelica Benares, an RBI single by Rakia Islam, a two-run single by Nina Don, an RBI double by Costa, and an RBI double by Claire Bergerson.

Costa racked up six RBIs on four hits for Lady Sting Softball.

Bergerson baffled Academy of American Studies, striking out 12 batters. Bergerson allowed one earned run, three hits and six walks over seven innings.

Lady Sting Softball easily handled Academy of American Studies pitching as eight hitters combined for 21 hits, 20 RBIs and 19 runs scored.

Lady Sting Softball stayed on top until the final out after taking the lead in the first, scoring three runs on a two-run single by Jamie Carroll.

Lady Sting Softball built upon its lead with three runs in the third. The inning looked promising, as Costa singled, bringing home Islam to kick things off.

Lady Sting Softball increased its lead with four runs in the fifth. A clutch bases loaded walk scored Juman to open the scoring in the frame.

BSGE is now 13-0 with two regular season games left to play.

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The Day of Silence: Shhhhh! Reply

Every April, BSGE participates in a nationwide event called the Day of Silence. The day highlights how it is unfortunately common for members of the LGBTQ+ community to be discriminated against in the United States. By participating in the Day of Silence, whether someone is just supporting or actually silent, students send a message of acceptance and support to LGTBQ+ teenagers across the country.

A member of BSGE’s Sexuality and Gender Acceptance club explains that “the Day of Silence, for some, is a way to evade participating in class. For others, it’s a way to show the people of the LGBTQ+ community that they are not alone.” More…