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BSGE A.I Pros and Cons

Humans are incorporating A.I more frequently in their daily lives. Humans will face numerous challenges but receive many benefits.

 As hope was dimming for Garry Kasparov, history was made. An Artificial Intelligent robot, Deep Blue had beaten Garry Kasprov in a game of Chess.  Thousands of humans are at risk of losing their job to A.I. Jobs can include cashiers, truck driving factory workers and so many more. However A.I can be beneficial to our local communities. A.I are discovering new mixes of molecules for medicine and creating new mapping technologies. A.I has many arguments to be made about the topic. The question we will be asking ourselves will A.I be more beneficial or harmful in the near future?

Whether it is movies, books or any type of media A.I has been portrayed in some sort of way. In 1984 James Camreon depicted a cyborg assassin with its mission being only to eliminate its destroyer in the future. Cameron film theorized the idea “super intelligent”. The term means when an A.I excels beyond general intelligence controlling the machine is out of the question.  A.I turning against could mean a number of possibilities but it comes down to what will they do? 

A.I could surpass humans in numerous jobs. As close as “2013, a study by an Oxford economist and an A.I. scientists estimated that 47 percent of jobs are “at risk” of being replaced by computers” (New York Times|Roose). About half of all jobs are at the possibility of being replaced by an errorless computer. This statistic is extremely fearful however arguments were to be made about this.

If A.I does take 47% of jobs what jobs will be taken? Cashiers, Translators and truck drivers top the list. These three jobs are low-paying and simple tasks to be done. If you were getting a life saving procedure and you had the choice of a machine or human performing the task what would you choose? A machine is most likely to be flawless in its task. Nonetheless the art of medicine is both mental and physical well being. Performing tasks is part of being a doctor but being kind and encouraging to your patient is very pivotal. Additionally “humans have been underestimated. It turns out that we (well, many of us) are really amazing at what we do, and for the foreseeable future we are likely to prove indispensable across a range of industries, especially column-writing. Computers, meanwhile, have been overestimated…In the recent analysis, he examined long-term employment trends across more than two dozen job categories that technologists have warned were particularly vulnerable to automation. Among these were financial advisers, translators, lawyers, doctors, fast-food workers, retail workers, truck drivers, journalists and, poetically, computer programmers. His upshot: Humans are pretty handily winning the job market. Job categories that a few years ago were said to be doomed by A.I. are doing just fine. The data show “little support” for “the idea of a general acceleration of job loss or a structural break with trends pre-dating the A.I. revolution” (New York Times|Roose). Humans have also been undermined by all things. 

As the world develops our creations may lead to our downfall. A.I in particular is a modern creation, it has its pros and cons. A.I will be the next “giant leap in mankind” and because of that is key it is important to keep a watchful eye over A.I.

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